3 Dollar Rummy

This is an excellent card game to practice multiples of ten in the context of money.

Object:  To make combinations of $1.00 with any number of cards.



Mix up the deck of cards and then place them in the middle of the playing area.

When it is your turn, draw the top card.  If you can make $1.00 with any of your cards, set those cards down and show the other players.  Set it near your side.  That is worth one point.

If you can’t make $1.00, then play goes to the next person.

After all the cards have been used, all the players count how many points they made.  The winner is the one with the most combinations of $1.00.

If the game is quite challenging the way it is, stop and talk with the students about combinations of $1.00.  Remind them that it is the same as knowing your facts of ten, which we have talked about in class.  You can make the game easier by spreading out all the cards face up, picking one, and then asking the students, “What does this card need to make $1.00?”  After they feel comfortable, play the game a number of times to practice this.

Then talk about combinations of more than three cards.  Set them all out again, pick two cards that do NOT make $1.00 and ask, “How much do these cards make?  What does it need to make a dollar?”  Practice this way for a while and then play the game.



If the students can play the basic Dollar Rummy easily, then try these as a bit of a challenge.

1.  All players must set their cards out in front of them so all other players can see.  When a player finishes a turn and says he is done, if anyone else playing notices that he missed a combination of $1.00, then that person gets the cards for himself.

2.  All combinations must be at least three or more cards.

3.  Play Dollar Rummy with a deck of cards where all the amounts end in five rather than zero!  You’ll need to ask for this deck, and I will send them home.